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This section will cover a variety of drills and coaching tips for running backs, including speed and agility work, ballhandling, receiving and blocking.

Sideline Catch Drill for Running Backs

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about an excellent sideline catch drill for running backs. In this running back drill, we are going to focus on teaching the receivers to catch a ball on the sideline. The receivers and the running backs will run this drill, and we’ll use cones and a trash…

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The Single-Barrel Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose In this youth football drill, the barrel serves as an offensive lineman or an offensive blocker.  And we’re running right behind the blocker, who is blocking a defender. Set Up Set up 6 dummies, 5 yards apart starting at the 5 yard line. Execution The defender’s going to step…

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Return Kick Drill

Drill Type:  Special Teams Drill Purpose It’s important for players to set-up in the correct spot to block when returning a kick. This is a great special teams drill to teach the return team how to properly block for the return. Execution The kick return team will be on the field for this drill. They…

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The “Score” Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose This running back drill focuses on playing close to the goal line, as 4 defenders try to hit and knock the runner to the outside. Set Up With the running back on the 20 yard line, space 4 defenders at each of the 5 yard lines to and icnluding…

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“Double Barrel” Running Back Drill

Drill Type:  Agility Drill Set Up Create 2 lines of barrels with 3 barrels per line, approximately 5 yards apart. Place an additional barrel in the middle of both lines about 10 yards behind the last barrel. Place 2 players in the end zone, each with a football. Execution In this drill, players will attack…

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