To improve ball carrier’s vision, agility, and reaction time

Drill Setup

  • Running backs all grab a football and form a line
  • Coach stands behind tackling dummy about 5-7 yards in front of the running backs
  • You’ll also need two more bags on either side of the coach about 3-4 yards away to create running lanes

How it Works

  1. First player in line explodes towards coach
  2. Coach leans to either the left or right
  3. Player reads the coach and runs through opposite lane

Coaching Tips

  • To start, you’ll want to give a way what side you’re going to lean to a little early on, but as players get more comfortable making the read, you can wait later and later to really test a players reaction time
  • Make sure players always move the ball to the outside arm after making the cut – players should always be focused on ball security, fumbles are not acceptable!