Goal Line Passing

Purpose To give players a chance to work on throwing passes near the end zone. Set Up You will need a QB an d a football, a C, and a line of WRs about 8-10 yards to the right...

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Jump Cut Drill

Purpose To improve agility and to teach ball carriers the proper footwork for making jump cuts. Set Up You’ll need 12 cones. Place one cone down, then continue to place cones...

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3 on 3 Passing

Purpose To get passing game reps for both the offense and defense in a game-like situation Drill Setup To start, coach will huddle up with the offense and give the wide...

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Clockwork Drill

Purpose To teach and reinforce the ability to catch the football away from the body with the hands isolated Drill Setup Players pair off, grab a football, and stand about 10...

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Ball Fight Drill

Purpose This drill stresses the importance of both ball possession and of fighting for the ball.  Players improve conditioning while also learning the importance of both ball...

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Simon Shows Drill

Simon Shows

Drill Type: Team Reaction Drill Purpose: Much of football is seeing and reacting as the play develops. This drill will help players learn to read and react.  This is similar...

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Onside Kick Drill for Special Teams

Onside Kick Drill

Drill Type:  Special Teams Drill Purpose Sometimes the situation of the game calls for an onside kick. Sometimes a coach likes to use an onside kick as an element of surprise...

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20 yard cone football drill

20 Yard Cone Drill

Drill Type:  Agility Drill Purpose This drill gets your players used to distributing their weight in a good football position to change in directions, reaching for a target....

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The Slalom Drill

Drill Type:  Agility Purpose This agility drill focuses on lateral change of direction shuffle. Setup Set up a series of cones in two straight rows about 5 feet apart, and...

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