To get passing game reps for both the offense and defense in a game-like situation

Drill Setup

  • To start, coach will huddle up with the offense and give the wide receivers their routes.
  • Defense will be in either cover 1 or cover 3.

How it Works

  1. QB snaps the ball and attempts to hit the open receiver, blow the whistle dead after a couple seconds if the QB doesn`t throw a pass in time.
  2. Winner stays on! Losing 3 swaps out for a new team, repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to work in a variety of routes, formations and alignments, so that your WRs and QBs get comfortable making completions all over the field.
  • This is also a great oppotutunity to fine tune your ability to design route combinations and call plays in a game-like situation!
  • This is a controlled contact drill. That means to contact below the waist and no taking players to the ground – the defense can press and attempt to knock the catch loose, but we don`t want any big hits, this drill is designed to work on passing and defending the pass, not tackling!