To work on making accurate throws while on the move.

Set Up

  • Place a single cone on the ground and have you and your partner stand facing each other, each 5 yards away from the cone.
  • You will also need plenty of footballs to avoid wasting time chasing down loose balls.

Circle Football Passing Drill


  1. First QB will begin in an athletic stance ready to make a throw to his teammate and run to the right.
  2. The QBs will then run in a circle, starting off slow but slowly building up speed, maintaining a 10 yard cushion between them as they throw passes back and forth to each other.
  3. After 30-60 seconds, take a break, and start again going in the opposite direction.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill can also be done with either a side shuffle step or carioca step.
  • Make sure runner keeps their hips low, head up, and maintains control as they change direction.