To works on a receivers ability to come back to the ball, find a throwing lane, and catch the ball.

Set Up

  • You will need a football, a dummy bag and a QB, as well as a line of receivers.
  • They will set up just outside the bag, on the line of scrimmage with the QB.


  1. On the QB’s signal, the WR will release off the line, before breaking down and coming back tight around the bag towards the QB.
  2. The QB should anticipate the throw, releasing while the WR is still behind the bag.
  3. The WR will locate the ball, make the catch and turn up field.

Coaching Tips

  • If you don’t have a standup dummy bag, you can use anything – a garbage can, a human pylon, it doesn’t matter.
  • Make sure to run this drill to both sides, so that players get used to getting open on either side of the field.