To give players a chance to work on throwing passes near the end zone.

Set Up

  • You will need a QB an d a football, a C, and a line of WRs about 8-10 yards to the right of the QB.
  • You may also add a DB for defense later.


  1. The C will snap the ball to the QB, who will take a 3 step drop.
  2. The WR will run one of 3 goal line routes: a fade, a slant, or a pivot.
  3. The QB will throw a pass to the WR who will secure the ball and get both feet in bounds.
  4. The WR will bring the ball back to the C and go tot the back of the line.

Coaching Tips

Make sure to emphasize the following keys for each route:

  • Slant Route:WR release inside,on 2nd step plant break at 45 degree angle inside, QB throws low inside ball.
  • Pivot Route:WR release inside, on 3rd step plant, pivot and break outside, QB throws hard outside ball.