Pancake Drill

Offensive lineman learn to execute a drive block with a pancake finish in this fundamental drill.   They will also practice the essential elements of run blocking and dominating the defensive player.

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Shuffle and Lift Drill

Purpose This drill focuses on generating explosiveness through the hip roll, while incorporating the some of the finishing stages of the tackle. Set Up The tackler and ball carrier should line up

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Wave Drill

Play Type:     Linebacker Drill Purpose Teach runners to attack the hole and drive hard, and teach tackling positions to read a ball carrier and stop the attack. Setup Players in two lines,

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Defense Drills

Open Field Tackling

Drill Type: Team Drill Purpose: In this tackling drill drill, we're going to recreate an open field situation and focus on tackling. Set Up: Place your players ten yards apart. Execution: With the bag (or

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Linebacker Drills

Score Tackling Drill

Purpose This tackling drill isolates the linebacker and puts him in a position where they have to make a read and wrap up the ball carrier one on one. Set Up Set

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Eye Opener Tackling Drill

In today's video blog post, we are talking about a fantastic tackling drill called the “Eye Opener Drill”. This tackling drill is designed to maintain a good inline (from tackle-to-tackle)

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The Eye Opener Tackling Drill

In this video, we are demonstrating "The Eye Opener Tackling Drill". This is a fantastic tackling drill that has been used throughout the years because it incorporates good tackling technique,

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tackling football drill

“Cup-It” Tackling Drill

In today's video blog post, we are talking about the "Cup-It Drill", which is a great football drill for incorporating “team-ness”.   This is a great team tackling drill, and

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