Linebackers and defensive lineman learn how to shed several blocks in order to string a play out to the sideline and then make the tackle.

Set Up

  • Line up the defender at one end, with 3 players or tackling dummies lined up across from them.
  • There will also be a runner that the defensive player must tackle in this drill.



  1. The runner (yellow) starts with the ball and runs ¾ speed to the right.
  2. Once the runner reaches the outside of the final tackling dummy (blue) then they can turn up field at full speed.
  3. In the meantime, the defender (red) will sprint to the first bag, punch it (heel shiver with both hands), go to the second bag, punch it and then the third bag and punch it – then on to make the tackle.
  4. The defender must try to do this at full speed in order to catch up with the runner.

Coaching Tips

  • The object of the drill is to help linebackers and defensive linemen quickly shed blocks in order to string a running play to the outside and then make the tackle on or near the sidelines.
  • You can make this slightly more difficult for the defender by replacing the tackling dummies with actual lineman or lead blockers.
  • Your defensive players will build their ability to shed blocks and make a defensive play even after contact.