Offensive lineman learn to execute a drive block with a pancake finish.   They will also practice the essential elements of run blocking and dominating the defensive player.

Set Up

  • You can have two lines of offensive linemen with a coach and a tackling dummy at each line.
  • You can add defensive players once the offensive linemen master the pancake.

pancake football tackling drill diagram


  1. On the snap of the ball, the offensive lineman will drive forward and engage the tackling dummy.
  2. After driving the tackling dummy for five yards, the coach should release the dummy to give the player the feeling of ‘pancaking’ the dummy, which means driving the dummy to the ground.

Coaching Tips

  • Look for a solid base from each o-lineman. Too far forward and the lineman’s momentum can be used against them; too far back and they won’t get the leverage they need.
  • Players arms should be extended, but in tight (inside of shoulder pads on defensive linemen).
  • Feet should be moving forward at all times, while the arms are engaged with the tackling dummy.