The Ultimate Football Drills Collection

Welcome to Football Tutorials. We've selected more than 527 simple, fun and effective football drills covering every fundamental skill. It's everything you need to engage your kids in practice, improve their skills, and win more ball games!

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Over The Middle Drill

Purpose To develop a players ability to make a variety of catches as they run through the middle of the field. This is also a good accuracy drill for the QB. Set

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Field Goal Footwork Football Drill

Field Goal Footwork Drill

Purpose To perfect kicking footwork, and improve efficiency of motion and comfort. Set Up Place a kicking tee down where the ball would be. Take your steps and place a piece of

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QB Scramble

Purpose To develop a QBs pocket presence and ability to avoid the pass rush and pass downfield. Set Up The QB will stand in front of the coach, while two other players

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1 V 1 Pass Rush

Purpose To work on pass rush moves and finishing the play in a game situation. Set Up Have five offensive linemen and five defensive linemen line up across from each other. Place

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Hide and Seek Drill

Purpose To works on a receivers ability to come back to the ball, find a throwing lane, and catch the ball. Set Up You will need a football, a dummy bag and

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Shuffle and Switch

Purpose To improve ball security and work on keeping center of gravity low and the shoulders squared. Set Up Lay down 4-6 agility bags or pool noodles, 2-3 yards apart. Start at

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Open Field Tackling

Purpose To work on pursuit and tackling form in the open field. Set Up Setup 4 cones, all 10 yards apart. Have the LB’s form a line on one end, with the

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Sudden Change

Purpose To improve a quarterback’s footwork and ability to locate his target and make an accurate throw under pressure. Set Up Line up two hula hoops 3-5 yards behind you, one yard

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Resistance Running Football Conditioning Drill

Resistance Running

Purpose Have a partner loop a resistance band or rope around your waist and stand behind you. Create a diamond shape using 4 cones placed 5 yards apart. Assign a number

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Stretch and Break Drill

  Purpose To develop a defensive back's ballhawking instincts Drill Setup Passer at the line of scrimmage with a football, and a receiver on either side of him, 10 yards apart Defensive back

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Goal Line Passing

Purpose To give players a chance to work on throwing passes near the end zone. Set Up You will need a QB an d a football, a C, and a line of

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Tennis Ball Block Drill

Purpose Offensive linemen learn how to perform solid run blocking on linebackers, by learning to block according to the reaction of the linebacker. Set Up Offensive lineman and linebackers will do this

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No Step Football Kicking Drill

No Step Drill

Purpose To work on perfecting foot to ball contact and warmup the leg. Set Up Place a football on a kicking tee and stand with your plant leg a couple feet away

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Step Over Bag

Purpose To work on coordination, agility, and field awareness. Set Up Setup 5 agility bags about 2-3 yards apart. You’ll also want to setup 2 cones about 7 yards away from each

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Block Recognition Football Defense Drill

Block Recognition Drill

Purpose To get defenders reps reacting to and dealing with a variety of blocks in a game-like situation. Drill Setup Have three offensive linemen get down in stance, with a defensive lineman

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Globetrotter Drill

Purpose To teach players to focus in on the football, to keep nice soft hands, and to always be aware of their surroundings. Set Up Have 6-8 players circle up. You’ll also

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Barrel Drills for Football Running Back Agility

Barrell Drills

Purpose To teach lineman how to fire out and drive low and in control. Set Up You’ll need a barrel or a large garbage can. Have the player get in 3 point

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