Coaching Youth Football... Simplified

If you're a youth football coach looking for simple solutions to help your kids improve their skills and execute at game-time, you've come to the right place! Football Tutorials is packed with more than 600 football drills, plays and articles for coaching youth football. All designed to help you save time, eliminate stress, and win more ball games!

Cut Footwork

Purpose To work on coordination and agility while getting players loose. Set Up If you’ve got a rope ladder, great! Otherwise, you can make one of your own pretty easily with a

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Hop and Switch

Purpose To work on balance, explosion, and ball control while switching hands. Set Up Grab a football and start off on your right leg, with the ball in your right hand and

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Cone Agility Drill Football Agility Drill

Cone Agility Drill

Purpose To work on speed, agility, and acceleration. Set Up Place 4 cones in a box shape 5 yards apart and line up at bottom right cone. Instructions Start off by sprinting up

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Goalie Drill

Purpose To work on catching difficult passes. Set Up Grab a partner to act as passer, get into the stance on the LOS, and place net or some other object (a wall,

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Follow Through Special Teams Football Drill

Follow Through Drill

Purpose To develop natural, reliable kick mechanics and improve both accuracy and power. Set Up Place a football with a tee at an intersection between the sideline and the endzone. The goalline

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Karate Football Defensive Line Drill


Purpose To teach defensive players how to control the hand fight between them and an offensive lineman. Set Up Have players pair off with teammates of similar size and strength, and stand

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Ball Wrestling

Purpose To warm players up while also improving their ability to protect the ball while running down field. Set Up Have the players pair off with teammates of similar speed and size.

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3 on 3 Passing

Purpose To give DBs and WRs a chance to work on passing and defending against zone coverage. Set Up Have an offensive team (2 WRs, 1 QB) and a defensive team (2

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X Drill for Football Agility

X Drill

Purpose To work on agility, balance and improve a runner’s ability to recover after a stumble. Drill Setup Setup 4 flat agility bags, pool noodles, gym bags or other soft objects into

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Jump Cut Drill

Purpose To work on jump cut footwork, balance, acceleration and deceleration. Drill Setup You will need at least 4 cones, but ideally 6-7. Place one cone to begin from and another 5

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