Coaching Youth Football... Simplified

If you're a youth football coach looking for simple solutions to help your kids improve their skills and execute at game-time, you've come to the right place! Football Tutorials is packed with more than 600 football drills, plays and articles for coaching youth football. All designed to help you save time, eliminate stress, and win more ball games!

Game Speed Catches

Purpose Improving catching ability in a variety of situations Drill Setup Setup 2 coaches facing each other 10 yards apart, each with several footballs Player participating in...

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Circle the Tires

Purpose To work on agility, speed, and acceleration Drill Setup Setup 4-6 large tractor tires about 4 yards apart Players grab a ball and line up on one end How it Works 1st...

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Clockwork Drill

Purpose To teach and reinforce the ability to catch the football away from the body with the hands isolated Drill Setup Players pair off, grab a football, and stand about 10...

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Spread Offense Passing Plays

Spread Offense 101

The spread offense, or at least its core ideals, have been around in football for 50+ years. In today’s game, its most popular iteration is the shotgun spread. But whether...

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Ball Fight Drill

Purpose This drill stresses the importance of both ball possession and of fighting for the ball.  Players improve conditioning while also learning the importance of both ball...

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Bags & Cans Drill

Purpose This drill teaches agility and demeanor in traffic. In particular, it teaches running backs to move their hips once they get through the line of scrimmage and into the...

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