Side Shuffles with Medicine Ball

Side Shuffles with Medicine Ball

Purpose Develops quickness and agility while strengthening and stabilizing the core. Instructions Stand approximately 10 feet from partner. Perform lateral slide while passing the medicine ball back and forth to each other.

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harness runs football conditioning drill

Harness Runs

Purpose Muscle contraction for explosiveness and quickness Instructions Strap some type of harness around your upper body. Have a partner hold the harness and pull against you as you sprint. If you

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resisted lateral slide football conditioning drill

Resisted Lateral Slide

Purpose This is a great drill to work on lateral quickness and speed conditioning. Set Up Get in good athletic position with knees bent and back flat. Partner stands at your side

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Pancake Drill

Purpose Offensive lineman learn to execute a drive block with a pancake finish.   They will also practice the essential elements of run blocking and dominating the defensive player. Set Up You can

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blind sides football receiver drill

Blind Sides

Purpose To work on reaction time and improve catch radius as well as body control. Set Up Line up 5 cones in a straight line. Stand 10 yards from your partner with

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Wall Catch Football Receiving Drill

Wall Catch

Purpose To work on reaction time and hands. Set Up Start facing a wall with your back to your partner. Instructions Partner throws a ball off the wall without any notice. Player catches

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Around the World Football Conditioning Drill

Around The World

Purpose To enforce the importance of isolating the hands and get players comfortable making catches from unfamiliar angles. Set Up Lie down on your back and have your partner stand a couple

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Ball Pushups Football Con

Ball Pushups

Purpose To improve grip, core, and upper body strength. Set Up Grab 2 footballs and get into a regular pushup stance with your neck, back and legs aligned – but instead of

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Cone Plant Reaction Football Defensive Back Drill

Cone Plant Reaction Drill

Purpose To teach and reinforce the proper technique when backpedaling and changing direction. Set Up Set out two pairs of cones about 10 yards apart, with 2 more pairs 5 and 10

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Goalie Drill for Football Receivers

Goalie Drill

Purpose To work on catching difficult passes. Set Up Grab a partner to act as passer, get into the stance on the LOS, and place net or some other object (a wall,

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Obstacle Jumps Football Conditioning Drill

Obstacle Jumps

Purpose To develop speed and explosiveness Set Up Setup a small obstacle, such as a cone or mini-hurdle to jump over. Instructions Jumps to complete over the obstacle include: 2 Feet Side to Sides

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Football Cone Conditioning Drill

Cone Conditioning Drill

Purpose To work on conditioning and pushing through fatigue. Set Up Setup 2 cones 40 yards apart and get ready in an athletic stance at one cone. Instructions Start the drill by doing

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Med Ball High Knees Football Conditioning Drill

Med Ball High Knees

Purpose To improve core strength and conditioning. Set Up Set up an agility ladder on a flat surface. Or create your own using chalk or tape. Player starts at one end holding

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Pressure Escape Drill

Purpose To teach passers how to avoid pressure up the middle while keeping their eyes downfield. Set Up QB will get ready at LOS with ball in hand. Setup 2 hula hoops

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Circle Drill

Purpose To work on making accurate throws while on the move. Set Up Place a single cone on the ground and have you and your partner stand facing each other, each 5

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