Wing-T Offense 101

Glenn Warner, or as he was better known, Pop, laid the ground work for the Wing-T offense with his single wing scheme. At a time when everyone was concerned with overpowering...

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The Elway Drill

Purpose This drill is designed to improve a quarterback’s ability to move up and back and side to side on the football field. Set Up Place four bags together on the field so...

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Quick Slant Drill

Purpose Players learn the slant, which is a great play for younger players. Set Up You can have two quarterbacks side-by-side with two receivers to the left and two to the...

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three weave football drill

Three Weave Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose Allows players to become comfortable with attacking a receiver three times in different directions. Set Up Place 2 players 5 yards...

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Football Drills

Zone Mesh Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill   Set Up Have your quarterback line up with the runner in the backfield waiting on his signal. On the right side on the other side of...

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