Football Drills

Cutback Drill

Purpose If you find that your players are constantly overcommitting and allowing large cutback lanes, this is a great drill to teach them how to stop and contain the ball carrier. Set

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Wave Drill

Play Type:   Linebacker Drill Purpose Teach runners to attack the hole and drive hard, and teach tackling positions to read a ball carrier and stop the attack. Setup Players in two lines, facing each

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draw and screen youth football defensive drill

Draw and Screen Drill

Drill Type:  Pass Rush Drill Purpose Allows players to gain better take-off, great movement and acceleration to the quarterback. Set Up Set up 4 pop up dummies onthe line of scrimmage. Place 2

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Football Defense Drills

Peel Drill

Drill Type: Linebacker Drill Purpose: It's rare that your linebackers will ever have a straight lane to the ballcarrier - they will usually have to shed at least one, and maybe two

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Defense Drills

Open Field Tackling

Drill Type: Team Drill Purpose: In this tackling drill drill, we're going to recreate an open field situation and focus on tackling. Set Up: Place your players ten yards apart. Execution: With the bag (or

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around the bag football drill

Around-the-Bag Drill

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This linebacker drill focuses on preventing overextension. Set Up Places 1 bag (or 3 cones) between the 0 and 5 yard lines. Execution The offensive man will initiate the

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Football Tutorials

Tug Of War Drill

Drill Type:  Lineman Conditioning Purpose This conditioning drill teaches the linemen to explode low, not stand up at the snap. Setup Get a tug-of-war rope -  the thicker and heavier the better - and

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