Directional Drill


To emphasize the importance of good footwork and keeping your eyes on the football.


- You will need 4 blocking shields and 4 cones.

- Spread the 4 cones out with about 5 yards between them and place a blocking shield in front of each one. 

- The players will get in stance with their heels on the blocking shields.


1.  Before the drill begins, indicate which direction the initial read step will be to.

2.  On the coach’s signal, the players will all take an initial read step to the right.

3.  The coach will then point in a direction and the players will continue to move wherever the
coach points.

4.  After about 10 seconds, have them finish with a sprint past you, and bring the next group in.

Coaching Tips

When moving parallel to the LOS, the players should be shuffling, staying low, and making
sure to never cross their feet – this goes for every direction, but is especially important when
moving side to side.
The key here is control – not speed. If players are performing the footwork correctly, they
should be able to explode in any direction at a moments notice.
Make sure to work on both lateral movement and moving at that 45 degree angle – however
we will not be incorporating backwards movement into this drill.