T-Step Drill


To teach and reinforce the proper foot work for the t-step when scrambling out of the pocket.




QB will be at LOS ready to snap the football with the coach over center.


1.  The QB will snap the ball and immediately sprint out wide.

2.  When the coach claps, the player will ‘t-step’ planting their backfoot and pointing their front foot downfield towards their throwing target.

3.  The QB will throw on the run to the target downfield.

4.  Before If the ball bounces down and to the left – the ball was thrown correctly.

Coaching Tips

The key to the t-step is to rotate the hips and get that front foot pointed at the target – the QB will take another few short choppy steps before throwing, but this footwork will pivot them in the right direction with speed and balance.
The handedness of the passer doesn’t matter - when rolling to the left, you plant with the left foot and t-step with the right, and when rolling to the right, you plant with the right foot and t-step with the left.