Shed, Shed, Wrap Drill


Players will work through a series of drills designed to improve their ball handling and ball security.


3 blockers with pads, a cone (or sideline), players with their helmets on.


3 blockers will get in line behind each other, with about 5 yards between them. 

The linebacker will start offset to the inside of the first blocker, on the LOS. 

Place the cone 8-10 yards to the outside of the ball carrier on the LOS.


1.  On the coach’s signal, the first blocker will step inside and attempt to seal the linebacker.

2.  The linebacker will use a shiver and shed the block, moving onto the next blocker, who will also slide laterally and attempt to seal the linebacker inside.

3.  The linebacker will again use the shiver to shed the block and move onto the ball carrier, who will be attempting to beat the linebacker to the cone.

4.  The linebacker will then wrap the ball carrier and drive them back a few steps, before releasing and ending the rep. Rotate positions and repeat.

Coaching Tips

To start, we will go at 50-75% speed to get players familiar with the drill, but once they are comfortable, we want to go full speed and have the ball carrier try to beat the linebacker to the cone.
Make sure players are keeping their heads out of the play and using shoulder tackling technique.
As a variation, we can also bring the cone in much closer – say 5 yards to the outside, to emulate a goal line situation rather than a sweep to the outside.