Bag Agility Series


This is a great defensive line drill to work on agility, footwork, balance, and explosiveness.


5-6 Agility bags, 3 cones, and a football on a stick.


Place the agility bags in a row one after each other, with the players forming a line at one end and the coach at the front of the line with the ball on a stick. Place 2 cones to create a line of scrimmage in front of the players line and another cone about 5 yards past the agility bags.


1.  The first player in line will get down into a 3-point stance.

2.  To start the drill, the coach will ‘snap’ the ball on the stick.

3.  The player will explode forward and run through the agility bags, putting one foot in each hole and getting their knees high as they make sprint through.

4.  Player will finish the drill by sprinting through the final cone.

5.  Player will return to the back of the line as the next player in line steps up into stance and continues the drill.

Coaching Tips

There are several variations you can do with this drill to work on different aspects of agility and footwork we expect out of our defensive line – the first of which is putting both feet in the hole before hopping over the bag.
Hip Movement: Like the carioca – except straight. The players will run through, putting both feet down in between each hole, keeping their shoulders facing forward while rotating their hips to the left and the right as they hop over each bag.