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Without a reliable offensive line, even teams with an abundance of “skilled” players will struggle to move the ball upfield. This section of the blog will include drills and tips to improve the footwork, run blocking, and pass protection skills of your offensive linemen.

Shake and Bake Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Line Drill Purpose Very effective in stopping an offensive lineman from kicking back and taking him to where you surface to get to the quarterback; it also allows you to get hands, which is very important. Execution This is the first of a series of football drills that you’ll do on the…

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The Gap Drill

Drill Type:  Offensive Line Drill Purpose This drill focuses on reading and plugging up gaps before the ball carrier can get out into the linebacking core or secondary. Set Up Set up seven cones, giving the offensive player 6 holes to choose from. Execution On your signal, the offensive player will choose a side, and…

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The Cupping Drill for Pass Protection

Play Type:   Pass Protection Purpose You must have good teamwork and technique for successful pass protection. This drill teaches linemen the cupping shape to create a pocket and protect the quarterback. Setup Coach sets up in the QB position with offensive linemen in front of him, on the line of scrimmage. Execution Coach calls Hut…

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Stance to Start – Offensive Line Drill

offensive line stance to start

There’s no position that requires more discipline or technique than offensive lineman. Success as an offensive football team hinges on their ability to control the line of scrimmage. It all starts with the basic fundamentals. The Pre-Set, Stance and Hitting positions are the foundation an offensive lineman will build from. Players must master the mechanics…

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Double Team Offensive Line Drill


Often called a power block, the purpose of this offensive line drill is to learn good movement and chipping off the linebacker. In this offensive line drill, you want to have two defenders and two blockers.  The two offensive players at the point of attack are going to focus on knocking one defensive player back. …

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