This drill is designed to teach the tackle and tight end how to fold block and widen the B and C gap.

Set Up

  • In this drill, you will need the tight end and tackle lined up against a defensive lineman with a linebacker in his position off the line of scrimmage.


  1. Players begin in the preset position.
  2. When the coach says “Down,” the players move into the Stance position.
  3. The coach then says “Go.”
  4. The tackle becomes the kickout blocker, using a down block with inside technique to engage the defensive lineman.
  5. The tight end becomes the fold blocker, he takes a bucket step to clear his hips and let the tackle come clear, then he rips his shoulder and proceeds up field to block the linebacker.
  6. Drill should be run a few times with offensive lineman taking two steps and freezing to ensure proper technique, then it should be run all the way through, ending with the tight end blocking the linebacker.
  7. The coach blows the whistle to end the drill.
fold block offense drill
Fold Block on left side with Tight End and Tackle
Fold Block Offense Drill
Tackle kicks out on DL, tight end folds under and blocks LB.

Coaching Tips

  •  Be sure the tackle steps right to the head of the defensive lineman and drives the line to widen the gap as much as possible.
  • It’s vitally important that the tight end takes a good bucket step to clear his hips and allow the tackle to come clear.