Even at the youth and middle school football levels, the Draw is a very significant running play in anyone’s offense, be it the quarterback draw, the fullback draw, or the tailback draw. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent offensive line drill to help your young players understand the importance of the power set and showing pass.

The “Draw Block” Drill for the Offensive Line

Draw blocking is not passive. The most important coaching point to remember about the Draw play is that the offensive lineman must set with power, and he’s really got to show pass. You have to be really strong on the line of scrimmage because your focus is on not allowing your opponent to cross the line.

Once the defensive player in the charge decides which direction he is going, the offensive player will get into a reading drive block. This means that the offensive player is set and letting the defensive player go one way or the other – but the offensive player is not passive on this play. You show pass with a power set, and you attack and turn either way to keep the player from crossing the line of scrimmage.


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