One good offensive line drill to do is ball punches.

  • Use some heavier balls (ten pounds or so) that will over train the hands.
  • Tell your guys to put the heavy ball out in front and punch it to the partner right across from them.
  • They should be in a good body position where they have the knee inside the foot, 80% of the weight inside, and the shoulder should tilt to protect from the rusher, etc.
  • You never want your guys to bring their hands to their chest””if they do this, they won’t have the extension to keep the defensive linemen at bay.
  • You can work in kick sets with the ball punches to add even more to this football offensive line drill.

Coaching Tip:

** Unless you break it up and do some different drill work, you’re going to tire out your offensive line. This drill provides a way to work on blocking without heavy contact.