This drill reinforces to offensive lineman that they need to fire out of their stance and get to their block fast.

Set Up

  • You can line up 5 offensive linemen at a time, or in smaller groups if you don’t have the numbers.
  • You will need a pylon with a flag for each person.


  1. Players line up in their normal positions. Each player should be across from a pylon with a flag.
  2. Using a standard cadence (down, set, hutt), when you get to ”˜hutt’, the linemen need to burst forward and get to the flag and bat it with their hand (the flag should be about 2 to 3 yards away).
  3. The player that gets out of their stance first and touches the flag gets to sit out the next tries.
  4. Then the next fastest gets to sit out”¦ and so on until you get to the last player. The last player should understand that they need to work on bursting out of their stance to get to the flag – similar to firing out at a block during a game.
  5. If a false start occurs, the offensive lineman that would be penalized will have to continue in the drill, even if they are the first person to get to the flag.

Coaching Tips

  •  Make sure players are maintaining good balance as they get up and surge forward, failure to do this could leave them open to getting beat by the defensive player.