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Speed, body control, and aggression are the hallmarks of an effective defensive back. In this section of the blog, we’ll cover new tips and techniques for developing speed and agility, tackling fundamentals, coverage, and interception skills.

Three Weave Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose Allows players to become comfortable with attacking a receiver three times in different directions. Set Up Place 2 players 5 yards apart, facing each other, with one player on the line of scrimmage.   Execution Working against a receiver, you’re going to work on the weave in that transition–the…

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Zone Mesh Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This special teams drill helps the kickoff team practice executing an onside kick.  We’re going to have two sets of quarterbacks and runners going at once, to make the most effective use of time and space. Set Up Have your quarterback line up with the runner in the backfield…

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Sideline Catch Drill for Running Backs

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about an excellent sideline catch drill for running backs. In this running back drill, we are going to focus on teaching the receivers to catch a ball on the sideline. The receivers and the running backs will run this drill, and we’ll use cones and a trash…

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Ping Pong Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This defensive back drill allows players to practice getting the best turn situation in terms of covering the maximum amount of ground.  The emphasis here is not on the speed so much as the technique. Set Up Set up 2 cones – one on the goal line and one…

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“Rush Against the Pop-Up” Drill

Drill Type:  Pass Rush Drill Purpose In this pass rush drill, we simulate ball movement without using the offensive line or each other, instead performing a rush against a short pop-up dummy.  This drill ties everything together: great take-offs, the slap, the rip, the swim, the dip in the hip, and the acceleration to the…

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