football practice drill

Cushion Drill

Drill Type:   Defensive Back Drill Purpose This defensive back drill focuses on cushioning the receiver so that player cannot get behind the defensive back. Set Up Place the receiver at the line

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The Slalom Drill

Drill Type:   Agility Purpose This agility drill focuses on lateral change of direction shuffle. Setup Set up a series of cones in two straight rows about 5 feet apart, and your players will

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The Shed Tackle Drill

There are a number of different ways to run a good solid, fundamentally sound shed tackle drill.    Incorporating a popsicle sled that you can actually let the kids put

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The Eye Opener Tackling Drill

In this video, we are demonstrating "The Eye Opener Tackling Drill". This is a fantastic tackling drill that has been used throughout the years because it incorporates good tackling technique,

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