To teach defensive backs how to read the quarterbacks eyes and drive on the ball when in zone coverage.

Set Up

  • You’ll need two WRs and a passer, as well as a line of DBs.
  • The first DB in line will stand 15 yards in front of the QB, with the wide receiver 5-10 yards apart 10 yards downfield.


  1. The QB will take his drop, and the DB will begin to backpedal.
  2. When the QB plants, he will turn his shoulders and eyes toward one of the WRs.
  3. The DB must read the QB plant, and drive on the ball as the QB releases the pass.
  4. The DB must then intercept the ball and accelerate upfield.

Coaching Tips

  • There are two keys to making an ideal break on the ball: the eyes and the feet.
  • The DB should have his eyes on his QB on the backpedal, the WR on the break, and the ball as he accelerates.