To work on a defensive back’s awareness, recognition, and ballhawking instincts.

Set Up

  • You’ll need a passer on the LOS, and a WR on either side of him, about 10 yards away.
  • You’ll also need a defensive back, 10-15 yards off the LOS, in line with the passer.

Stretch and Break Football Defensive Drill


  1. The passer will snap the ball, with both WRs taking off downfield, running streaks. The DB will begin to backpedal, or ”˜stretch’, keeping both receivers in front of him.
  2. After they’ve run about 5-10 yards, the QB will rotate his shoulders and eyes onto one receiver.
  3. The DB must read the passer’s eyes, plant, drive, and break on the ball, intercepting and accelerating forward upfield another 10 yards.

Coaching Tips

  • Begin with the WRs fairly close together, but as DB’s progress, move them further and further apart – same with the QB. At first, you’ll want him to give away his intended WR pretty deliberately, but later one, the passer can more closely simulate a game situation with his passing motion.