To teach and reinforce the proper technique when backpedaling and changing direction.

Set Up

  • Set out two pairs of cones about 10 yards apart, with 2 more pairs 5 and 10 yards behind the first.
  • Players will form two lines, with the first two players stepping out to the first two cones.
  • You’ll also need a coach in front of the players with a ball.

Cone Plant Reaction Football Defensive Back Drill


  1. The coach will use the ball as a signal for the defensive players. On his first signal the defensive players will begin backpedaling.
  2. Once they reach the second set of cones, the coach will signal for the defenders to break forward to the first cone again.
  3. Once they reach the first cone, the coach will signal again for them to backpedal, leading them all the way to the cones at the back.
  4. The coach will then signal one final time, sending the players forward and through.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should not be looking behind – all their focus should be on the coach and the ball.