To give WRs and DBs a chance to get reps in a 1-on-1 game-like coverage situation.

Set Up

  • Have players pair off by size and speed.
  • The first pair will step up, with the DB up in press coverage on the WR.
  • A coach or passer will stand 10 yards to the right.


  1. On the coach’s snap, the DB will attempt to jam the WR, and the WR will attempt to beat the press.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to vary your WRs routes so that they get a chance to wok on a variety of ways in which they can beat man press.
  • The goal of the DB is to disrupt the timing of the route.   On the snap, he should immediately hit the WR with a hand strike to the chest to get him off balance.
  • As a counterpoint, WRs should have their hands up and ready at the chest level, not down at their hips.   This will allow them to engage in hand combat with the DB to free themselves more efficiently.   This is why it’s a good idea to work all of your players through trench drills as well, as the principles that make you effective as a lineman can be just as effective for skill players as well.
  • Begin by working the DB with an inside shade, but much like how you need to vary the WR routes, the DBs need to get practice working outside shades as well.