To work on a players ability to make difficult catches.

Set Up

  • Have the receivers form a single file line, and stand about 15-20 yards in front of it.
  • You’ll also need a bunch of footballs.


  1. On the coach’s signal, the first player in line will explode out of their stance towards the tackling dummy.
  2. As they approach the dummy, they will stay low, and begin to chop their feet.
  3. The tackler will make contact with the shoulder pads, keeping the head up, and leading with the same shoulder and foot.
  4. The player will then wrap up, and drive through, finishing the tackle into the ground

Coaching Tips

  • The key to safe, effective tackling technique is to lead with the same shoulder as the front foot. This effectively takes the head out of the play – much more similar to a rugby tackle, where a player has the utmost concern for protecting his neck and head through a tackle.