To teach proper pursuit and tackling techniques.

Set Up

  • Line up 4 dummy bags about 2 yards apart, with a final cone 5 yards after the last bag.
  • You’ll also need two lines, ball carriers and defense, about 5 yards away from the first bag.


  1. On the coach’s signal, the ball carrier will enter into the first hole between the bags.
  2. The defender will meet the ball carrier in the hole, breakdown, wrap up and roll their hips, and then release.
  3. The players will then backpedal, shuffle, and meet in the next hole, repeating the same actions.
  4. The players will continue like so, until they get to the final hole, at which point the ball carrier will explode to the final cone, with the defender making an angle tackle

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure you run this drill going in both directions!