To teach defensive lineman how to react to and pursue the ball on a screen pass.

Set Up

  • Have four defensive linemen lay down on their backs,with their heads on the LOS.
  • The QB line up 5 yards behind the line with a ball in hand, and two receivers will line up 5-7 yards downfield and 10-15 yards apart, also with a ball in hand

Screen Reaction Footbal Defense Drill


  1. On the coach’s signal, the defenders will all get to their feet as quickly as they can and pursue the QB on his dropback.
  2. The QB will then “throw” the ball to one of two receivers. When the QB makes his throwing motion, the defenders will all cut and run towards one of the two stationary receivers downfield.
  3. To finish, each defensive linemen must touch the ball in the WRs extended hand as they run past.

Coaching Tips

  • It’s important that the linemen stay in their lanes and do not abandon their contain responsibilities while in pursuit of the QB.