Drill Type:   Defensive Back Drill


This defensive back drill focuses on cushioning the receiver so that player cannot get behind the defensive back.

Set Up

  • Place the receiver at the line of scrimmage, with your defensive back facing him 10 yards away.

football practice drill


  1. The receiver will take off running and the defensive back will move backwards, working visually off the man while facing the receiver.
  2. The defensive back is going to turn when the receiver is within an approximate three-yard distance so that receiver cannot get behind him.
  3. The defensive back should focus on maintaining his vertical cushion on that receiver the entire time.
  4. The defensive back wants to intersect half to a third of his body in front of the receiver, basically intercepting him from going vertical or stopping him working vertical.

Coaching Tips

  • Remember, the defensive back is not giving the receiver the path to get downfield. If the defensive back is not in this position, he’s allowing the receiver the opportunity to run past him.
  • Don’t forget to intersect the body. Make the transition tight and make it burst.
  • The tempo of the drill will increase as you develop your technique.