Drill Type:   Defensive Back Drill


This defensive back drill works on two types of releases: a dramatic break on the inside, and a dramatic break to the outside.

The goal for your defensive back is to maintain a leverage where he’s aiming for the top shoulder of the other player, but he doesn’t want to beat the receiver to the reception point. He wants to be able to intersect his body, one-half of his body, on one-half of the other player’s.

inside release football drill
Inside Release


  1. There are two types of man techniques. There’s one with help and there’s one without. We are going to start by working on the one where we have no help and we have to maintain our vertical leverage where we’re aiming for the top shoulder.
  2. We’re driving down, and the intersection should be half to a third of our body intersecting a half to a third of his body.
  3. As he drives down and breaks, he doesn’t want to break too far ahead and certainly doesn’t want to break behind.
  4. The one time we will allow him to drive to the low shoulder is when he has help in the middle or on top.
  5. For the next transition, we will break on the out. We want to get our players comfortable right from the get-go in terms of their aiming points.
  6. And that receiver will take the ball, catch it, and either come back or there’ll be some type of double move.
  7. We want to be slow to break on the outside move, and we want to intersect that receiver so if he’s coming back, he’s running right through us.

Coaching Tips

  • Typically the number one mistake that defensive backs make when they break towards the out is they over-break to the outside.