Drill Type:   Defensive Back Drill


This defensive back drill allows players to practice getting the best turn situation in terms of covering the maximum amount of ground.   The emphasis here is not on the speed so much as the technique.

Set Up

  • Set up 2 cones – one on the goal line and one on the 15 yard line.


  1. Have your player start out in a backpedal. He’s going to open on a 45, gather his feet, and drive on another 45.
  2. You are going to repeat 4 times, going down, back, down and back.
  3. Focus on getting a foot pointed in the direction you need to go to. Any transition to a different direction, we’ve got to get the core of our feet underneath us.
  4. You want to allow your players to get a lot of movements in a short amount of time, while still getting that foot to hop up and throwing that elbow to accentuate that transition.