The focus of the zone flip technique is to take away the inside release simply by moving your alignment in 2 yards. Zone flip means the defensive back will turn the rear of his body to the sideline, and his eyes to the inside so he can watch the receiver and the quarterback.

Zone Flip Technique for the Defensive Back

This is one simple zone technique that we incorporate which is similar to a cover 3 technique or a corners coverage technique. This is a very good zone coverage concept. Many time when we are playing zone, we want our corners to line approximately 2 yards inside the receiver, 6 to 8 yards deep. The reason for this distance is to be in “no mans land” in the eyes of the quarterback. We don’t want him to know if we are playing a loose man to man in a loose zone, a tight man to man. So this distance becomes an alignment decoy to the offense.

When playing zone defense, you want all of your defensive backs eyes to be able to see the whole picture. You want to be able to see the receivers release the transition of the routes, and then you also want to be able to see the quarterback and his shoulder. If your defensive backs are watching the quarterbacks and watching the routes develop in front of them, they have an advantage to be able to get their feet stuck in the ground and break on the route with some great speed and have a good opportunity to get interceptions.


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