To teach and reinforce correct tackling fundamentals, good footwork, and a nose for the football.

Set Up

  • You’ll need 3 agility bags, 3 cones, and a standup dummy.
  • Place the three agility bags 2-3 yards apart, and 5 yards downfield, place the cones in the shape of a triangle with each cone 5 yards apart.
  • Lastly, the dummy bag should be 5-7 yards downfield from the last cone.


  1. The first player in line will get down in a 3 point stance. Use a football as a visual signal for the defensive lineman to get off.
  2. The defensive lineman will explode through the agility bags getting his knees up high, then breaking out to the first cone, going around all three.
  3. Lastly, the player will sprint for the dummy bag and attempt to perform a strip on the ball as they sack the dummy bag.

Coaching Tips

  • Much like the RB Gauntlet drill, you’re free to create any combination of obstacles in the defensive linemans path that they need to avoid to sack the QB.