Drill Type:   Defensive Line Drill


This defensive line drill focuses on having a quick reaction, getting across the line, finding the ball, and getting to it in the shortest line possible.


  1. The coach is going to have the ball snapped on movement.
  2. The defensive line players are going to step across the line and redirect flat if the ball’s run away from them. We don’t want them to do any bananas – we want to go flat down the line and chase the ball.
  3. We also will add line stunts to this. We’ll slant to the right or the left and then redirect.
  4. We will also call, besides slants, pinches-pinches by one end or another end.
  5. We’ll add linebackers in and have them blitz and redirect.

Coaching Tips

This is a multi-purpose drill to come across the line, to redirect flat, and get to the ball without having any curves or bananas in your course. We want a straight line to the football.