Drill Type:   Defensive Back Drill


Set Up

  • Have your quarterback line up with the runner in the backfield waiting on his signal.
  • On the right side on the other side of the line of scrimmage, a defender will line up as well.
  • The second set of players will line up in a mirror image of this, so that the QBS are both facing each other at the line.

Football Drills


  1. When the QB hikes the ball, he will handoff to the back on the right side.
  2. The defender will be waiting for him and will simply either slide outside, or stay inside.
  3. The runner has to keep his eye on the defender, and use the same technique they used in the Full Speed Cuts drill to cut to the opposite direction as the defender.

Coaching Tips

  • You can run this full contact, but personally I prefer to eliminate the possibility of getting tackled for the runner in this situation, allowing him to focus on speed and proper technique, rather than deking out the defender.