To teach the proper jamming technique for press man-to-man coverage.


Have players pair off with a teammate and get down on their knees across from each other.

Players on ground, ready to perform jamming drill.


Players executing cross-arm jam technique, making strong contact on the inside shoulder of the receiver.


  1. On the coach’s signal, the receivers will begin to simulate jogging.
  2. The coach will signal again, indicating that the receivers are ‘releasing off the line’.
  3. The receivers will then rotate their shoulders to the right as if trying to release outside, and the defender will jam them with their inside arm on the receivers inside shoulder, making firm contact with their palm on the chest plate of the receiver.
  4. Reset, and continue until they’ve done 3 reps going to both the left and right.
  5. At this point, we will continue the drill, but allow the receiver to choose whether they want to simulate a release to the left or right, with the defender reacting appropriately.

Coaching Tips:

The first instinct of a lot of players will be to jam the outside shoulder with the outside arm on the release – this is a big no-no. Even if they get a good jam on the outside shoulder, the receiver will be able to release inside uncontested, putting themselves between the defense and the ball. By jamming with the inside arm not only will the defender be in between the receiver and the QB, they will naturally open their hips, allowing them to transition more smoothly into coverage with the receiver.