Setup: This drill requires only a football and four players.

Purpose: To teach players to locate a football in flight and make the catch.

Execution: Arrange players in pairs of similar size. The first player steps forward, and the coach throws the football to them. They then step forward again and duck, allowing the second player to find and catch the football quickly.

Coaching Tips: Having multiple footballs allows for faster drill repetition, increasing intensity. This drill is particularly beneficial for linebackers and defensive backs, as it simulates changing lines of sight.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize the importance of maintaining focus on the ball, even with distractions. Younger players should practice keeping their eyes locked on the ball’s trajectory.
  • Teach them to adjust their catching technique based on the ball’s speed and angle, fostering adaptability in different play scenarios.
  • Encourage the development of quick reflexes. You can do this by varying the speed and direction of the throws, helping them react faster under pressure.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Incorporate complex movements, like jumping or changing directions, before catching the ball to simulate real-game scenarios.
  • Challenge them with high-speed throws and unexpected movement patterns from their partners to enhance their concentration and reaction skills.
  • Focus on improving hand-eye coordination under stress. This can be achieved by increasing the drill’s pace and introducing elements like shouting or additional visual distractions.