To teach defenders how to attack the ball as they make the tackle.

Drill Setup

  • Have players break off into groups of 3 – a passer, a receiver, and a defender.
  • The defender line up overtop of the receiver, and the passer will stand at the LOS.

Strip The Catch Football Defense Drill

How it Works

  1. The passer will snap the ball, and the receiver will run a simple 5 and out.
  2. The passer will hit the receiver with a pass – and as the receiver is catching the ball, the defender will close in and attempt to strip the ball out of the receivers hands.

Coaching Tips

  • As the defender closes in, he should reach out with the top arm and club down hard over the receivers far shoulder and through the catch hand.
  • With his back arm, the defender should reach down and pull on the near arm of the receiver.