Teaching runners to stay low, run with power and be decisive

Drill Setup

  • Have two defensive players line up side by side with blocking bags
  • Have a third defensive player line up between them, 3-4 yard backs
  • Have a final level of defensive players, aligned behind the first two but 6-8 yards back
  • Ball carriers form a line in front of first level of defense with a football in hand

How it Works

  1. On coach’s signal, ball carrier will explode through the first line of defense
  2. At 2nd level, defender will commit to either left or right, with running back reacting and cutting in the opposite direction
  3. At 3rd level, ball carrier will put a move on final defender and explode forward for another five yards

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure players are finishing the drill hard – it’s not showtime, we want to see which players can beat a defender in the open field and manufacture yards
  • First line of defense will have blocking bags to bump the runner with, forcing him to keep the ball secure and run with power and purpose