To teach players the correct technique for making a play on the ball when in phase with the receiver.


Have players pair off with a teammate and form a line, with the first pair stepping up onto the LOS and facing each other with the defender shading to the inside.

Player defending in phase and making a play on the ball.


Diagram of players performing the In Phase Drill.


  1. On the coach’s signal, the receiver will release to the outside and the corner will press him with the inside arm on the inside shoulder.
  2. The defender will open up their hips to the sideline and turn to run with the receiver while maintaining contact, keeping their hand on their hip.
  3. Once they get out of the initial release, the receiver should stay ‘in phase’ with the receiver, mirroring their route and looking back over the shoulder to keep an eye on the QB.
  4. The coach will then throw a pass to the receiver, with the DB reaching with their inside arm and swatting the ball down while maintaining contact with the receiver.

Coaching Tips:

The DB should aim to keep their hand on the receivers inside hip – not interrupting their movement, but disrupting it. We can do this by simply getting an arm in the way of the receivers natural running motion and making it more difficult for them to get into a rhythm.