To develop the proper foundation for a defensive backs footwork and technique when moving in pass coverage.

Have the players form a line, with the first player in line stepping forward and turning around to face the line.


Player executing backpedal with correct technique.



  1. On the coach’s signal, the players will break and begin to backpedal.
  2. As they backpedal, they should focus on keeping their chest down and keeping their weight on the balls of their feet.
  3. Player will continue to backpedal for about 10-15 yards, driving their heels back with each step and focusing on pumping the arms the same way they would if they were moving forward.
  4. Have the next player in line step up and continue the drill.


Coaching Tips:
When first teaching this technique, go one at a time and take the time to evaluate each players technique. Make sure that they are starting each rep in the correct stance, with a strong Z in the lower body and that they maintain something close to that posture as they continue to backpedal, keeping their weight on the balls of their feet and their nose over their toes.