This drill rewards the offensive linemen that fire out of their stance and drive their block for 10 yards.   Each player will begin to understand the importance of firing out quickly when they have to continue running in this drill.

Set Up

  • Line up all of your offensive and even defensive linemen across the 30 yard line and have them face toward the goal line.


  1. This drill starts with each player in a 3-pt stance on the 30 yard line.
  2. When the whistle is blown, each player must burst forward and sprint for 10 yards, and then get back into a 3 point stance on the 20 yard line.
  3. The first five to complete this will get to sit out the rest of the drill.
  4. The remaining players must stay in their 3-pt stance until the next cadence and ”˜snap’ of the ball.
  5. The players burst out again, and they must drive for 10 yards.
  6. First five get to sit out the next one. And so on.

Coaching Tips

  •  For a pull block to be successful, the guard must open their step parallel to the line in the direction they are pulling. The other linemen must drive forward, and the guard then runs parallel to the line of scrimmage and engages the open defensive lineman.