Offensive linemen learn how to perform solid run blocking on linebackers, by learning to block according to the reaction of the linebacker.

Set Up

  • Offensive lineman and linebackers will do this drill. You will also need a tennis ball.
The Tennis Ball Block Drill is great for Improving offensive linemen’s agility and ability to make blocks even when out of position.


  1. The object of this drill is for the offensive lineman to prevent the linebacker from picking up the tennis ball. The tennis ball in this drill is the runner.
  2. The coach (small square) will roll the ball to different areas of the field.
  3. The offensive lineman will know where the ball is going to be rolled, and then needs to make a good first power step toward his block, and then make sure he gets to the linebacker before the backer scoops up the ball.


Coaching Tips

  •  You can also do this drill with more offensive lineman, as they can mimic the blocks they would have to make on certain offensive plays.
  • You don’t want the lineman to throw the block too early, because the ball could still be rolling and the linebacker may wait to get the ball and avoid the block just to make the tackle.