To work on decelerating into cuts, footwork, and blocking in the run game.

Set Up

  • Have players pair off with teammates of similar strength and size.
  • Each pair will need a blocking shield.
  • The DB will stand 5 yards in front of the receiver.


  1. On the coach’s signal, the WR will come out of his stance and begin running down field.
  2. The DB will backpedal with the receiver and maintain a 3 yard cushion as they move downfield.
  3. On the coach’s whistle, the DB will break down and attempt to get past the WR.
  4. The WR will chop his feet down, gain his balance, and get into a fit position, mirroring the DB and blocking him.

Coaching Tips

  • WR blocking isn’t about pancakes – the key is to stay engaged, get a good fit position, and stay engaged as they chop their feet and drive the DB back.