To teach players how to track and block defenders.

Set Up

  • Begin by putting four cones down, 5 yards apart with one pair 3 yards behind the other.
  • One player will step up to each side of the box.


  1. The blocker will follow the defender as the defender moves back and forth within the cone area.
  2. The coach will then signal, and the defender will begin to attempt to move past the blocker – at around 50-75%.
  3. The defender will use a punch technique, keeping two hands on the defender and preventing them from getting behind them.

Coaching Tips

  • As players get more comfortable with the drill, you can increase the intensity, but remember this drill is designed to work on blocking techniques, not block shedding.
  • Make sure the blocker does not cross his feet, staying square and in a low athletic stance for the entirety of the drill.