In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some fantastic offensive line development techniques and drills for speed and power.

Offensive Line Development: One Step Starts and Take Offs

One Step Start

The offensive lineman begins in his stance, and he takes just a short step with his back/power foot and freezes. Be sure the lineman is not taking too big a step with the back foot – keep it a short 6 inch step. You also want to see the chest to the knee so that your lineman understands the importance of having proper leverage. Remember, leverage is when one player gets lower than the other, and everything else being even, the leverage player will always win.

Straight Take Off

Begin with the one step start, and then explode off the ball, moving forward and staying low. The steps shouldn’t be too big and the feet should be underneath the lineman at all times. This will give the lineman good power.

45 Degree Take Offs

Many times, you aren’t going to come straight off the football. You need to go the right or to the left at an angle. Again, you will begin with a One Step Start, this time at a 45 degree angle, letting the back foot naturally turn. Staying low in a good hitting position, and explode off the ball, moving forward at an angle with good body posture and power.

The hardest thing for offensive lineman to do is keep a good base. In addition to building great speed and power, this set of drills will help your offensive line understand why maintaining a good base is so important.


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