In this drill, receivers practice the last five yards of a hook, comeback or other route that involves planting the outside foot and running back toward the quarterback.

Set Up

  • Set up three cones – Two are five yards apart with the other two yards from the first cone.
  • The coach is also nearby to call commands.


  1. Receiver lines up in the proper stance at the first cone.
  2. Coach says “Go.”
  3. Receiver runs the last five yards of a hook route or similar pattern.
  4. Quarterback throws the football.
  5. Receiver makes the catch, tucks the ball and runs upfield.

Coaching Tips

  •  The emphasis in this drill should be on the receiver coming back and meeting the football, then catching it, tucking it and turning and running upfield.
  • Pay particular attention to the receiver’s eyes and hands and make sure he is watching the ball into his hands and using his fingertips to make the catch.